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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Observing Cuban Independence Day on May 20th demonstrating commitment to freedom

Happy Cuban Independence Day! We can't wait to be able to say Happy Cuban Freedom Day!

 Today at Florida International University at 6:30pm be sure to check this event out. The event is being organized by Rey Anthony, Organizaciones Patrióticas de la Comunidad Cubana, and is being backed by the FIU College Republicans.

Below is the announcement for the event that they are organizing and that will be held today at the Cuban Memorial located on 11201 SW 24 Street.
On May 20th, 1902 the Cuban people decided they would become the craftsmen of their own destinies. Let’s return the Cuban people’s right to decide, their right to freedom of speech, right to protest, and right to peacefully assemble.

This May 20th, our community will demonstrate its total and absolute commitment to the cause of Cuban freedom. Cuban dissidents, former political prisoners, community figures, opposition leaders, and elected officials will join us in this patriotic moment.

We hope you can join us,

Organizaciones Patrióticas de la Comunidad Cubana.
20th of May Cuban Patriotic Ceremony
Where: Cuban Memorial (11201 SW 24 ST)
When: 6:30 PM
Additional Contact Info:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Rosa María Payá returns to Cuba to place flowers on her martyred father's tomb

Rosa María Payá returns to Cuba lays flowers at her father's tomb, demands justice
Rosa María Payá at Colón cemetary in Havana where she left flowers at her father's tomb. In the video below she outlined the purpose of her visit and calls for solidarity. Please share the video and help spread the word.