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Friday, March 7, 2014

A Flag that Represents the Castro Regime

The Castro Regime Flag

 This flag represents the Castro dictatorship. After 55 years in power this regime should have a flag that accurately represents its legacy and the impact it has had on Cuba domestically and in the world.

The three blue stripes, no longer represent the original three provinces. They now represent the bodies of water that surround Cuba, where there are estimates that it is a watery grave for as many as 100,000 Cubans who have died fleeing the dictatorship, the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, and Caribbean. The red color is the innocent blood shed to keep the dictatorship in power. Flag designers debated whether or not headstones should be included in the blue for the watery graves.

The skull and cross bones have a triple meaning. The obvious is that it signifies death which has been a driving force of the Castro regime for the past 55 years but also a warning that this country has been occupied by a poisonous ideology and lastly the pirate nature of the regime looking for plunder in other lands (like Venezuela).

The black stripes signify the totalitarian pollution visited on Cubans by the dictatorship. Dividing families, forcing children to spy on their parents.

Finally the red triangle is a warning sign that combined with the skull also signifies that this is a dangerous area. Under the Castro regime cholera has become a persistent problem that the dictatorship under reports.

Castro Incorporated will most likely not adopt this flag but nevertheless it does represent their legacy. Please share it with others when discussing the dictatorship.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Huber Matos Benítez: Requiescat in pace

Huber Matos Benítez spoke truth to power 55 years ago and it cost him 22 years in prison. He emerged defiant and continued to fight on for another 35 years. He went on to write his memoirs and continued in the battle for a free Cuba until age 95. His final words were: "The struggle continues. Long Live Free Cuba!" Below is an interview conducted by Free Cuba Foundation members in 2009 about his courageous stand in 1959.