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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Christian Liberation Movement's Hardline

Hardline: an uncompromising or unyielding stand, especially in politics. One of the earliest documents of the Christian Liberation Movement that Free Cuba Foundation translated and reproduced at the time demonstrates the movement's hardline against violence, terrorism and hatred while embracing principled nonviolence.

On June 11, 1991 Oswaldo's home is attacked and vandalized

July 24, 1997

Declaration From the Christian Liberation Movement.

CHRISTIAN LIBERATION MOVEMENT, Havana, July 22, 1997. DECLARATION: A few days ago, bombs exploded in two hotels in Havana. Neither the perpetrators nor the objectives of these terrorist acts have identified themselves. But in any case, such acts are reprehensible. We reject them and they should not serve to confuse Cubans. 

When defending their human rights, proclaiming the truth and proposing a peaceful transition to democracy, many of our fellow countrymen have endured threats, discrimination, acts of harassment, arbitrary incarcerations, beatings and cruel treatment by repressive agents, and political and judicial authorities. 

However, neither we nor any of our brothers have renounced a peaceful transition through civic means. 

Furthermore, those who in the prisons receive serious mistreatment have not voiced words of hatred against their abusers, because for us the peaceful approach is not a tactic but something that arises out of a spirit of reconciliation and liberation which has prompted us to begin our struggle. 

No one can justify terrorist violence and attacks on defenseless human beings with any kind of reasoning, and much less by pretending to defend freedom and justice. Anyone who hides cynically to make attempts against human life violates the dignity of the human being and conspires against freedom and justice. 

The end does not justify the means. Lies and terror lead to death and fear. Truth and love produce freedom and life. 

FREEDOM AND LIFE, a phrase first pronounced by the Christian Liberation Movement in its Proclamation Document, continues to be the essence of the path and the goal that we are determined to follow. 

We denounce such acts of terror and violence, whoever their perpetrators may be…. 

This Document was drafted and signed in the City of Havana by the following founders of the Christian Liberation Movement:

Oswaldo Paya Sardiñas

Antonio Ramón Díaz Sánchez

Ramón Antunez Gonzalez

Miguel Saludes García

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