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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Free Cuba Foundation Issues Statement: Cubans To Get Censored By Castro - Google Partnership

Google has signed an Internet deal with the Castro regime placing its technology in the hands of the dictatorship's telecommunications monopoly ETECSA. This is the latest bit of bad news coming out of Cuba.
Google chair Eric Schmidt, Dictator Fidel Castro in background. 

As reported by Google's blog: Alphabet/Google have signed an Internet deal with the Castro regime placing its technology in the hands of the dictatorship's telecommunications monopoly ETECSA. This is the latest bit of bad news coming out of Cuba.

Regrettably, the agreement does not expand public Internet access to the general public making it useless to the Cuban people that have been demanding uncensored Internet access at reasonable prices.

As political dissent grows on the Island and more opposition members are arrested, as Cuba still remains one of the least connected countries in the world, this deal with Castro’s Cuba is nothing potential tool for further oppression on the Island.

For over a year FCF and ENC have tried to advise this tech company about its actions but it still has managed to negotiate its way into a dark chapter of Cuban history.

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt along with Brett Perlmutter, head of strategy and vice president of operations at Google Cuba, have been negotiating this deal for over a year which the regime had previously rebuffed. Things changed after Trump’s victory as fear that Obama's Cuba policy would be eliminated.

FCF is concerned that like in the case of China which hacked and stole Google user data the same could happen to Cubans that speak out against the regime. Having servers in Cuban territory gives intelligence agencies unfettered access to servers, methods and technology they can now steal, making this bad for shareholders and U.S. interests.


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