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Monday, August 15, 2016

Second Cuban National Gathering concludes in Puerto Rico

Augusto Monge, representing the Free Cuba Foundation, participated in the Second Cuban National Gathering in Puerto Rico and he sent us the agreements reached at this historic meeting.

SECOND CUBAN NATIONAL GATHERING AGREEMENTSIn the Second Meeting we ratified the "Agreement for Democracy" which was incorporated as an essential part of the Declaration of San Juan approved on August 15, 2015 at the First National Cuban Gathering considering that it contains the elements necessary to build "The New Republic of Cuba" that we all want and for which we struggle. Said agreement arose in 1998, was signed by most of the Cuban opposition in Cuba and in exile, and received international support.

During the Second National Cuban Gathering fundamental principles were agreed upon for the New Republic of Cuba and complementary points from a summary of the papers presented were reaffirmed. Prior to a new republic the following steps should include: 1) the establishment of a Commission against Impunity, 2) audit - with a retroactive nature - of the management of companies present in Cuba in order that the conventions of the
International Labour Organization (ILO) are respected, and 3) measures to ensure transparency and integrity and combat corruption in public administration and electoral processes.

Likewise, the creation of a Cuban National Congress was approved to form a common political-civic action front against the Castro dictatorship with the goal of re-establishing in the country the trampled rights, freedom and democracy in the face of action. The Congress will have a Coordinating Board composed of a section in Cuba and in exile that is empowered to create working committees.
Participants of the Second
Cuban National Gathering also:
    1.) Registered their deep concern for the health of our brother in the struggle, Guillermo Fariñas, 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought of the European Parliament. August 14th was proclaimed the Day of Nonviolence in Cuba in honor of his sacrifice and that of other activists who have risked their lives using the hunger strike as a tool for nonviolent struggle.
    2.) They agreed to pay special attention to the ruthless systematic repression exercised by the Cuban regime against members of the democratic peaceful opposition and also address concerns of the political prisoners and those who suffer religious persecution. For the treatment of our women, condemned in a special way, the repression against the Ladies in White and other women's organizations.

3.) Denounced the repressive exercise of power as a root cause of all forms of violence and other abuses that affect Cuban society, and requested the support of governments, international institutions and all people of good will who defend human rights.

    4.) Denounced the indifference of the company Google in violation of its code of corporate conduct and demanded that it establish a correct policy to provide wireless internet service with no censorship and without dependence on the regime in benefit of the Cuban people.

5.) Solicited the government of the United States to seek an agreement to connect an internet cable to Cuba (from the US or any other country) and, if necessary, to finance it with the frozen funds of the Republic of Cuba by the United States.

    6.) Expressed support for the Venezuelan people and the Table of Democratic Unity (MUD in Spanish), whose representatives accompanied us, in their struggle for human rights. They demanded the immediate release of Leopoldo Lopez and all political prisoners, and supported the demand that the recall referendum to be held this year as the current constitution stipulates.

7.) Stressing that observers who supported us in this activity, expressed their solidarity with the Chinese and Tibetan people in their struggle against communist oppression and with the people of Ukraine, condemning the Russian invasion, demanding the return of the
illegally annexed territories of Crimea  and the early release of prisoners of war.
    8.) Deeply thanked the tremendous efforts and negotiations made by United Cubans of Puerto Rico and the generosity of donors and the practical leadership of Guillermo Toledo and the support lent by his family.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, on August 14, 2016.

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