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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sirley Ávila returned to Cuba today, whereabouts unknown


Sirley Ávila León: whereabouts unknown
SOS for Sirley Ávila returned to Cuba today, no news of her whereabouts 

Link of video taken before boarding an American Airlines plane bound for Holguín, Cuba: 

Miami, September 7, 2016. The Cuban human rights activist Sirley Ávila León boarded the American Airlines flight 1359 bound for the city of Holguin that landed on the island at 4:13 PM on Wednesday September 7; nevertheless Ávila León’s whereabouts remain unknown.

"She spent six months in Miami receiving medical attention after suffering on May 24, 2015 an attack orchestrated by State Security agents when an individual attacked her with a machete to kill her and chopped off her left hand and left lame her right shoulder and both knees," said human rights activist John Suarez.

Five days ago, on September 2, Sirley Ávila León denounced from her twitter account that for several days she had been unable to communicate with her son, and holds responsible the regime of the Castros for what could have happened to him.

"I know the capacity of the Castros to lie and invent crimes, so I hold them responsible for what may happen to me and my son," she wrote in a message over twitter where she also added that she would return to the island.

"Most likely she has been detained, as she has not communicated as planned in the hours following her return to Cuba. During her stay in the United States, Sirley testified before international organizations and the United States Congress on the repression and violence of the Castro regime," added Suarez.

On September 2, 2015, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States (OAS) issued precautionary measures in favor of Avila Leon (precautionary measure).

The video attached to this release was made at the airport in Miami to be released if there was no news of her three hours after her arrival in Cuba.

Hereby issue a call to the international community, and democratic governments of the world, as well as human rights activists to ask officials at the Cuban embassies in their respective countries where is Sirley Avila León.

Please help Sirley!! 

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