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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why travel to Cuba is no carnival ride: Discrimination against Cubans continues

Why we protest
Cubans and the children of Cubans born abroad discriminated against even if they are U.S. citizens

The Castro regime does not recognize the U.S. citizenship of  Cuban-borns and their children born in the United States charging them hundreds of dollars more than their U.S. born counterparts to enter Cuba. Worse yet the United States government accepts the differential treatment of their citizens because of their national origin providing a warning on their US Embassy in Cuba website.

The Government of Cuba does not recognize the U.S. nationality of U.S. citizens who are Cuban-born or are the children of Cuban parents.  These individuals will be treated solely as Cuban citizens and may be subject to a range of restrictions and obligations, including military service.  
This is why on Sunday, the Democracy Movement will sail on May 1, 2016 to protest that Cubans should have the right “to freely enter and leave the national territory without there being a discriminatory visa process.” 

Democracy Movement plan out itinerary and purpose of today's demonstration

 Below was taken from the Democracy Movement Facebook page and translated to English


 1. To welcome the progress made in relation to the recognition of the right of Cubans to enter and leave their own country by sea and that Cubans on the Island be able to work on cruise ships and merchant ships as a big step in the right direction. 
2. To welcome the fact that Carnival rectified its initial policy of not selling tickets to the Cubans and prepared to not travel to the island until the government changed its discriminatory policy of its own citizens. 
3. We recognize and encourage the efforts made by Carnival to persuade the government of Cuba to change the policy that prevented Cubans to leave or enter the country by sea. This dynamic should be emulated by other companies as well.
4. Continue campaign demanding that the Cuban government to leave without effect the discriminatory policy of demanding that Cuban citizens have to ask for a visa to enter their own country by sea or air as if they were foreigners.

5. Demanding an end to the SOCIAL INJUSTICE that those workers who are employed by foreign companies have to collect their salaries, not from the companies, but from the government, which pays workers a fraction of their salary and pockets most of that salary. This is a stark and unacceptable EXPLOITATION OF MAN BY THE STATE in the times in which we live. 
6. We call on dock workers and other port workers in Florida to join in showing their solidarity with the claim of the Campaign Against Cuban Worker Exploitation by the State at the departure or arrival of those ships to these ports.


12:00 PM - Boat Insignia Democracy docked briefly in Marti Park to pick up passengers. The Marti Park is located at 4th Street and 4th Avenue SW.

1:00 PM -  Democracy
Boat will arrive in front of the boat ramp of Watson Island, to wait for those vessels that may join us. The ramp is located next to the East side of Parrot Park. Watson Island is located in the northern part of the McArthur Causeway.

3:00 PM - The Boat Insignia Democracy and other boats depart for the "Democracy Point Miami" designated by the Coast Guard for our exercise of freedom of expression in the Bay of Biscayne. Here we will await the Adonia cruise's departure. This point of maritime protest  is located between the Coast Guard station at the entrance of Miami Beach and the Government Cut channel that is out to sea from the Bay of Miami. 

4:30 PM - Adonia cruise sets sail for Cuba and the Democracy Movement demonstrate in the area indicated expressing peacefully and orderly our objectives for the exercise of Freedom of Expression 


Although we do not expect many ships since the "Campaign Against Apartheid which discriminates against Cubans By virtue of Their Nationality" achieved its great step forward, we stopped actively mobilizing for this Flotilla which would have been only to protest if nothing had changed in the Cuba and Carnival policy in reciprocity for the change achieved TOGETHER. However, the struggle continues. It begs to all the following: 

1. Strictly follow all safety rules for ships to prevent accidents
 2. Obey the instructions of the Coast Guard and other authorities that from time to time can interact with the Flotilla to maintain the safety of participants and other vessels and fulfill their obligations to protect the cruise according to the law. 
3. Keep away from cruise ship at all times as provided by law and instructions of the Coast Guard and Marine Patrol. Recall that the authorities have to enforce the laws that arose due to the terrorist attacks and are not arbitrary. 
4. Signs that are displayed should be secured and not interfere with the proper functioning of the vessel in all their capacities.
5. The Flotilla will maintain communication by Marine Radio on Channel 68. Please only use the frequency for important or urgent situations. Do not trivially communicate on channel 16 with flotilla topics. This is the emergency channel. 
6. All vessels that can participate should be kept behind the boat with Democracy Insignia  when the Democracy Flotilla is moving and always on the Democracy band farthest from the cruise ship.
7. Please do not suddenly accelerate the boats to prevent accidents and to avoid alarming the authorities that are kindly cooperating so that we can exercise our right to free expression safely


CLARIFICATION: WE ENTREAT THAT MESSAGES BE RESPECTFUL AND IN GOOD TASTE AND IN LINE WITH THE OBJECTIVES DESCRIBED FOR THE FLOTILLA. The Flotilla will be operating under a permit that we have solicited the Coast Guard for this purpose. This allows us to exclude the same provocateurs or persons attempting to divert the purpose of the activity with purposes to give a bad image or deviate it from the Objectives. 

Please contribute to achieving some progress in the fight for the rights of Cubans by helping us to maintain order, good performance, security and the good message of the Flotilla.

For more information tourism to Cuba visit here


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