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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A hero remembered: Robert Redman (age 28) murdered six months ago

"Today I was hit with a rock in the back, a helmet in my nose. I swallowed tear-gas, Carried the kid who died, and what did you do?" - Robert Redman, age 28 over twitter on February 12, 2014 (English translation of above tweet) Tweeted shortly before he was shot and killed the same day.

Robert Redman circled in centro of photo
The above photo was taken while Robert was trying to get Bassil Alejandro Da Costa medical attention after he had been shot in the head by members of SEBIN, the Maduro regime's intelligence service. Bassil was already dead. Hours later Robert was also shot in the head and killed.

Robert's question remains extremely relevant six months later. "What did you do?" which raises another important question: "What are you doing?"

"We do not have to take justice into our own hands but it is in our hands." #ThatJusticeBeDone
- Alfredo Romero

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