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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cubazuela: Free Leopoldo López Mendoza Now!

"I'd rather explain to my children why I am a prisoner, than to explain to them why they have NO COUNTRY." - Leopoldo López Mendoza on June 2, 2014

Yesterday over twitter Leopoldo López managed to get a message out calling for help in making the facts known surrounding the show trial that the Maduro regime with their Cuban advisors have subjected this Venezuelan democrat to while keeping him arbitrarily detained since February 18, 2014. The message is straight and to the point, unlike the Cubazuelan regime: "Here is the evidence of who is truly guilty of the crimes of which I'm accused. Please retweet." and linked to the following video:

Venezuela is no longer a free country. Not only has it transitioned into a totalitarian regime that systematically violates the rights of Venezuelans, but the regime itself is controlled and directed by the oldest dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere, the regime of the Castro brothers. It is for this reason that we call on Cubazuela to free Leopoldo López. He has committed no crime and a fair and impartial judicial process would have demonstrated that months ago. Unfortunately the free nation of Venezuela has been absorbed into the totalitarian monstrosity that is Cubazuela and an impartial judiciary no longer exists. Therefore free Venezuelans like their Cuban counterparts must address their countrymen and the international community to place pressure on a lawless regime to free an innocent man.

Free Cuba Foundation declares its solidarity with free Venezuelans and demands that the Maduro regime free Leopoldo López Mendoza now!

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