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Monday, August 3, 2015

FIU students organized protest against Hillary Clinton and in support of keeping sanctions on Castro regime

Cubans have a right to their rights!
FIU students organized protest against Hillary Clinton on July 31, 2015
 On Friday, August 31, 2015 facing the Wertheim Performing Arts Center (WPAC) at Florida International University students, alumni and members of the community protested Candidate Hillary Clinton's and the Obama Administration's Cuba policy with a nonviolent protest. Efforts were made by the University authorities to corral us in a remote location in order that we not be seen or heard, but they failed.

Young voices spoke out for a human rights first policy in Cuba and the maintenance of sanctions. It will be interesting to see what the electoral results will be for Hillary Clinton, and other candidates who call for engaging in commerce with the dictatorship in Cuba.

Meanwhile will have to see how the entertainer Pitbull who has engaged in doublespeak on when and how he will play in Cuba while apparently calling for the lifting of the embargo on a bottle of vodka, he is trying to market, will be received.

Inside of Cuba, the musical group Aldeanos produced a track blasting Saavedra of Vigilia Mambisa who held a protest in which he "symbolically" destroyed Pitbull CDs in Little Havana and posted it on youtube it has over 113,000 hits as of today.

This just serves to underscore as we have said all along that attacking artists or destroying music symbolically or otherwise is in contradiction with the full embrace of human rights. However, specifically criticizing what we are in disagreement with using nonviolent means (such as a boycott) is a morally consistent exercise.

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