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Friday, June 20, 2014

#FreeElCritico Jailed Rapper Faces Show Trial Today

Cuban rapper jailed since March 2013 to undergo political show trial in Cuba for speaking his mind.

Pedazos de la Isla produced the above image and is campaigning for his release
On March 21, 2013, police agents tear gassed and arrested Cuban dissident and rapper Angel Yunier Remón Arzuaga, whose stage name is “el Critico del Arte” (the “Art Critic”). In an act of revenge against his criticizism of the Castro regime, they have arbitrarily detained Angel Yunier since then, without charges. Another rapper, Rodolfo Ramires, known as El Primario was so brutally beaten that he suffered memory loss. Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter outlined how the attack took place.

During that time, officials have also denied his wife, Yudisbel Roseyo, the right to visit her husband — although this has changed now that her husband’s condition has become critical. They have subjected the unjustly-jailed rapper to further violence, even as he has suffered a bout of cholera, and they have continued their harassment against his wife, provoking him into a hunger strike in November of 2013.

According to Radio Republica and he is scheduled to stand trial on Friday, June 2014.

The Czech non-governmental organization, People in Need, has issued a new international appeal to free El Critico.

Marc Masferrer of Uncommon Sense has also reported that there is a global action today at starting at 9:00am Eastern Standard Time:

Supporters worldwide are organizing a worldwide protest, via social media, on El Critico's behalf.
At 9 a.m. EDT Friday, take to your Twitter or other social media accounts and demand -- with the hashtag #FreeElCritico -- the Castro regime immediately end this injustice and release El Critico from jail. The demands may fall on deaf ears in Havana, but they will demonstrate to El Critico and his family -- and the dictatorship -- that he is not alone, that the whole world is watching.
In the continuing fight for justice and freedom in Cuba, that is vital.

Free Cuba Foundation backs this effort and will take part in #FreeElCritico on social media.

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