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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas: The Christian Liberation Movement at 25

"It is September 8, 25 years ago my parents and a group of friends founded the Christian Liberation Movement. Happy Anniversary MCL Cuba." -  Rosa Maria Payá Acevedo

Cuban dissidents organized a movement 25 years ago today and have been resisting repression and working towards liberation for the past quarter century and continue in the struggle for freedom today.

Imagine for a moment, the year is 1988 and the Soviet Union is still in power and the Eastern Europe under their domination. Fidel Castro's dictatorship was already in its 29th year in power.  In the midst of all this a group of Cubans gathered together to defend human rights and proclaim that their goal was liberation of the Cuban people in a nonviolent process.

Despite death threats, violent repression, long imprisonment, machete attacks and the murder of prominent figures of their movement they continue in their struggle for freedom.

Let us honor them today and remember their words of freedom.

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