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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prayers, tributes and justice for Harold

"Those who remove and crush freedom are the real slaves." - Harold Cepero Escalante

"We offered all the sacrifice of the Mass for you. Harold, your friends miss you, we honor you, hopefully we will follow your example" ... Rosa María Payá Acevedo

"Tribute from the MCL and friends for Harold Cepero Escalante. God be with you and your family." - Rosa María Payá Acevedo

"Dream until your dreams come true! Harold Cepero Anniversary 33. Young leader of MCL, martyr for the freedom of Cuba ."-Rosa María Payá Acevedo

"The fraudulent change that Oswaldo Paya and the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) denounced has three key factors: the military-economic oligarchy, the Catholic hierarchy and some Cuban exile entrepreneurs. This denouncement made by Oswaldo was what triggered the final order to end his and Harold's lives." - Christian Liberation Movement, January 29, 2013

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