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Friday, February 11, 2011

Less than Two Weeks to Take Action for Brothers to the Rescue & Orlando Zapata Tamayo

We're still compiling fact sheets on Orlando Zapata Tamayo and Brothers to the Rescue to assist activists in countering the disinformation placed out there by the Cuban dictatorship and its apologists. Feel free to offer critiques of the fact sheets in the comments section below.

At the same time the final push to gather signatures to petition President Obama that the murderers of Armando, Carlos, Mario and Pablo not be pardoned and that those still at large 15 years later finally be placed on Interpol watchlists.

Be sure to return to this blog for updates in the days to come. Images to download and recommendations on how to conduct a proper fast and tips for an effective vigil will be posted. As of this morning 54 people have pledged to hold a fast and a vigil beginning one year after the death of  Orlando Zapata Tamayo and ending the following day, 15 years after the Brothers to the Rescue Shoot down.

At the same time our prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Egypt for a successful non-violent transition to democracy. Keep spreading the word. Non-violent civic resistance is powerful and can bring down tyrants when organized and carried out effectively.

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