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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learn why the Ladies in White March in Cuba: The Black Cuban Spring

Video, Discussion and 7 minute Vigil in Remembrance of Cuban Black Spring

Why take part?

Demonstrate with action that we remember these activists and demand their freedom & to understand how Ladies in White started .

What Happened?
On March 18, 2003, a brutal crackdown against Cuban dissidents began when over 72 hours, ninety govt. opponents were arrested most were tried under "Law 88" (the gag law) & were sentenced between 14 to 27 years in prison by early April. All were recognized by Amnesty International as prisoners of conscience. On February 23, 2010 Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after 83 days on hunger strike with two weeks denied water by his jailers.

Video: The Cuban Spring (2003) Czech production

Speakers: Invited Former Cuban Prisoners of Conscience Miguel Sigler Amaya, Pedro Pablo Alvares, and Manuel Vasquez Portal James Cason of US Interests Section

When: Today, Wednesday, March 24 @ 8:30pm
Where: Graham Center 140 Florida International University 11200 S.W. 8th St. Miami, FL

Then join Gloria Estefan in...
March in Support of Ladies in White and Freedom and Human Rights for Cuba

LET'S WALK TOGETHER LIKE THE "DAMAS DE BLANCO"; with dignity, in silence, with a flower of hope in our hands and dressed in white to represent purity of thought, actions and new beginnings!
In the words of our illustrious poet, Jose Marti, "The campaigns of a people are only weak when in them is not enlisted the heart of a woman; but when a woman is shaken and helps, when a woman, timid and quiet in her nature, cheers and applauds, when a woman cultured and virtuous anoints a deed with the honey of her love, the deed is invincible".

Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 5pm we will gather on Beacom Blvd. between S.W. 7th and 8th Street. We will walk on 8th Street, in Little Havana, from 27th Avenue to 22nd Avenue beginning at 6pm sharp.

We will walk for the love of freedom. 

- Gloria Estefan

“The test of truth lies in action” -Mohandas Gandhi

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